Recovery Community OrganizationS

What are Recovery Community Organizations, or RCOs?

In more detail...

RCOs are grassroots “recovery hubs” that mobilize resources, provide free support services, and bring people, service providers, and organizations together for one purpose: strengthening recovery in our communities

RCOs honor all pathways to recovery and are not treatment providers. Rather, they exist to fill gaps in and around treatment, which is typically a short-term, clinical intervention. RCOs offer the “primary care” essential to managing and preventing the chronic disease of substance use disorder. 

RCOs are independent, nonprofit, non-clinical organizations that are led and governed by representatives of local communities of recovery. RCOs exist to implement long-term system change. They work to change perceptions of how society views and supports people affected by substance use issues and substance use disorders as well as institute recovery-friendly public policies. RCOs work to build a recovery-oriented system of care.

RCOs do this through one or more of these core functions:

Peer-to-Peer Recovery Support Services

Strong RCOs help grow strong communitiesof recovery. Our organizational training,coaching and certification foster RCOdevelopment, fidelity and sustainability.

Public Education

We are committed to growing recoverythroughout Minnesota. Our public eventsand educational programs work to reducestigma and promote recovery-focused col-laboration within and across communities.


We work to elevate the voices of individuals,families and communities affected by sub-stance use disorders and educate policy-makers on recovery issues.

Recovery Community Organziations in Minnesota

Looking for support or want to get involved with an RCO?

Minnesota’s network of RCOs is growing! Find a recovery community organization near you!

How does an organization become an RCO?

RCOs are meant to be community change agents, and they follow national standards that reflect their recovery missions and grassroots operations. In Minnesota, an organization can be recognized as an RCO by going through the certification process with a recognized program. There are currently two pathways to certification in Minnesota: MARCO or FAVOR


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