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We’re committed to growing the grassroots recovery movement across Minnesota

MARCO’s certification is a process that helps Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs), whether emerging, new, or long-established, strengthen their service to the recovery community. The first step in the certification process is self-assessment. 

Building a Recovery-Oriented Future!

We recommend that all organizations working on becoming an RCO take MARCO’s self-assessment, even if you’re not sure you want to become certified. It will familiarize you with the basic framework of a Recovery Community Organization and help you identify areas where you might need coaching, mentorship, or other resources.


The topics addressed in the self-assessment align with Recovery Community Organization criteria defined in Minnesota Statutes 245B.01 Subdivision 8 and 254B.05 Subdivision 1, and National Standards for Recovery Community Organizations.

Start the Self-Assessment

The online self-assessment will take about half an hour to complete. You can save your work if you need to leave and return later. You may see the questions in PDF format here, but please submit your answers using the online form below.

There are no wrong answers

Your organization may not be doing everything in the self-assessment, and that’s okay. This is a tool to help you benchmark your organization against a range of possible RCO activities that align with the core RCO criteria.

This is a guide

Your responses to these questions in no way preclude, guarantee, or otherwise influence MARCO certification and are intended only as a guide to help you prepare for your application. 

Ask us for help

If you need assistance completing the self-assessment, please contact us at 

What's next?

After you submit your self-assessment, you will be emailed a copy of your answers and MARCO staff will contact you to schedule a time to discuss it with you. We will work with you to identify strengths and areas that might need work before submitting your application.


MARCO can provide coaching, connect you to resources, and help you create a work plan to complete any items needing improvement. Our goal is that all organizations who proceed with applying are 100% prepared. When you are ready to apply, you will request to application from MARCO.


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