“Overcome yourself and you will be FREE.” Q&A with new Board Member Yeng Moua

MARCO is a peer-run organization, led and governed by individuals affected by Substance Use Disorders who have direct experience in Recovery Community Organization (RCO) leadership and programs. Over the next few months we’ll be featuring some of our board members and their personal connection to MARCO’s mission to educate, advocate and mobilize the grassroots recovery movement across Minnesota. 


This month we sat down with new MARCO board member Yeng Moua and asked him to talk about how he got involved in the grassroots recovery movement.


Meet MARCO Board Member Yeng Moua:


MARCO: How did you first step into your role in recovery? Can you share your story?


Yeng: For over twenty-plus years, I was comfortable living in a lifestyle where I didn’t know how to make the necessary changes to overcome my substance use disorder/mental health disorder. The consequences of my SUD/MHD have caused me, my family, and the community pain and suffering. In 2022, I completed the long-term program at Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge. I later got a job working at an electronic assembly manufacturing company, but I felt like there was something missing. When the opportunity arose for me to become a Recovery Navigator (through Recovery Corps), I took this opportunity. I worked as a Navigator at Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge. I took all my Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) training with Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC). When my term was over, I found out that MRC was hiring, put in an application, and got hired. I currently serve as a CPRSR-FE-AS (Certified Peer Recovery Specialist-Reciprocal, Forensic Endorsement, Approved Supervisor), CPS (Certified Peer Specialist – Mental Health), and Office Manager with Minnesota Recovery Connection. There is no better feeling than seeing others overcome their journey to live a life of recovery.


MARCO: Do you have any advice or tips to someone who is just starting their grassroots efforts in the recovery community?


Yeng: The hardest battle is YOURSELF. Overcome yourself and you will be FREE.


MARCO: What is the most rewarding part of working in recovery for you?


Yeng: The most rewarding part of working in recovery for me is when the individual breaks out of their deception and finds their identity, purpose, and values.


MARCO: What have been some of your greatest tools in sustaining your recovery?


Yeng: My list of tools for sustaining my recovery are:

  • My higher power (Jesus Christ)
  • My family, friends, and mentors
  • Stay humble, and work on my recovery daily 


MARCO: What does “building a recovery-oriented future,” mean to you? 


Yeng: For me, “building a recovery-oriented future” means working to make the world stigma-free, and for all humans to understand that each person is made uniquely by God. Each individual must be supported to find their own recovery pathway, listened to, and treated with dignity and respect. It also means to educate those who do not understand recovery that recovery works.


​​To learn more about Yeng Moua, read his full bio at: https://marcomn.org/staff-board/


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